Frequently Asked Questions

Can't PicSolve be used to cheat?

PicSolve is a tool to help students learn, it is not intended to be used to cheat. Think of it as a calculator. Calculators can be used as a tool to help students solve more complex problems, and understand math questions better. PicSolve is used to solve complex word problems.
That doesn't mean calculators should be banned, in fact many math classes now encourage the use of calculators on exams. Both are tools which help students develop a deeper understanding. PicSolve should be used to get detailed explanations to their questions, check their answers, and learn more about the background of the questions asked.

Will math ever be supported?

We do not have plans to support math questions at the moment. We recommend users download other tools for math.

Do I need an internet connection to use PicSolve?

Yes, to solve problems you need to have an active internet connection. However, you can look through your history without one.

Why is my question not scanning properly?

This is most likely because your camera is either too far away from the question, or you have not constrained the bounding box to one single question. For best use, scan your question using landscape mode and get as close to the question as you can.
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